We have all been there right? Unable to fit in your jeans, feeling tired all the time and super stuck to your couch. Who even put superglue on the couch anyways? The worst part is that being productive and fitting in those damn jeans is all you want. There is a surefire way to make it happen: Exercise. I know, I know, easier said than done. But it can be done, I promise, I know this because I have been there.

Let’s talk about those excuses

I had a lot of excuses about why I couldn’t exercise and they were all bullshit. Here are a few of my top excuses.

First, and this is my very favorite, I try to pull it out of woodwork every now and then still; I don’t have time to exercise. I would tell myself that as soon as I finish a goal or the weather is better I will start exercising. Did it ever happen? Nope. That’s because it wasn’t real, I was not somehow magically going to be less busy. It took me years to figure out life is busy, the summer breaks of endless days and nights we all enjoyed in school are the thing of the past. Adulthood is busy, it just is.

Second excuse, is another doozy and a total trap; I don’t have enough money to exercise.  What does that even mean? I had myself convinced that I NEEDED a fancy gym membership and the best workout clothes because how could I possibly workout any other way? While there are certain things I would recommend spending money on when it comes to exercise, you DO NOT  need a lot of money to get fit.

Lastly, and this is an important one to throw away; I don’t have the energy to exercise. This is one, that for me still rears its ugly head from time to time. Too many times I had my self convinced that I was too tired to exercise, that what I really needed was to binge watch an entire season of my favorite show (Friends) to feel more rested. Now, I still believe there is a time and place for a good Netflix binge session, life is about balance. My lack of energy excuse was the worst because it was vicious cycle, I would never have more energy if I didn’t get moving.

Throw your excuses away and get moving TODAY

So, we have gone over the excuses now it’s time to get over them.

Make the time.

I once heard a quote, “you have the same number of hours in a day as Beyonce”, I wish I knew who started this quote but I don’t. I do know that Beyonce makes full use of her days and you should too. That time you feel like you don’t have? You have it already, I promise. Here are some ways to include exercise in your daily schedule:

  • Use your breaks at work to take a walk, even just around the block. Pro Tip: keep a pair of sneakers at work.
  • Schedule your workouts, hey you with the planner, where you write everything down, schedule in your workout, write it in pen, make it permanent.
  • Fit exercise into your existing schedule, at one point I was riding my bike to and from work everyday (I lived about 4 miles from work then). I got 40 minutes of physical activity a day without much change to my schedule. Think about ways you can mix exercise into your already established routine.
  • Challenge your perspective, sometimes we get caught up in the fact that tasks seem too big to conquer; challenge that. If you thinking exercise takes to much time, think instead “I am going to exercise for 20 minutes”. Thats less time than it takes to watch your favorite sitcom. You can do anything for 20 minutes.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get fit

I know how it is, everywhere you look there is someone selling something that you just have to have to be healthy and fit. I have often fallen into the trap, honestly some helped but some not so much. More on that in a later post. The moral of the story is that you don’t have to give anyone all your money to start exercising. How you can get moving on zero dollars:

  • Use what is already available to you, do workouts that use your own body weight like pushups, sit-ups and squats. Use the space you already have; whether it is a huge house with a great backyard or a studio apartment; make it work for you.
  • Need to do some cardio? Take a walk around your neighborhood, when you feel ready mix in some jogging.
  • We all love workout clothes, truth is if I could figure out a way to wear yoga pants to work I absolutely would. Another truth, you don’t have to have all the workout cloths to exercise. That old t-shirt and pair of old sweatpants will get the job done every time. Pro-Tip: The place to spend money is on a good pair of shoes. I learned the hard way (a gnarly case of runners knee) that shoes is not place to cut corners. You still only need one good pair.

How to avoid the lack of energy trap

I know that one of the hardest things about exercising is actually getting started. It’s even harder when you have low energy, when even doing a basic task is difficult and your bed is even more enticing than ever. The messed up thing is that one of the most effective cures for low energy is exercise. So you have to trick yourself into exercising especially when it is the hardest. Here are some tips for getting over low energy:

  • Choose your time of day. Your time of the day is the time you feel the most energized, if your a morning person use that to your advantage. Set yourself up for success by scheduling your workouts when you are most likely to complete them. Take me for example, if I scheduled my workouts for the morning, I would never workout because the morning is not my time of day.
  • Put on your workout clothes. The days when I feel the least motivated to workout I put on my workout clothes the second I walk in the door after work. Once I am dressed and ready, it’s really hard to let any of those old excuses sneak back in.
  • We all have to start somewhere. If you can’t remember the last time you exercised then you probably won’t run 3 miles tomorrow and that’s okay. Start where you are. Start with taking a 10 minute walk around your block, if that is where you are at. Gradually increase that walk pushing yourself a little more every time until you can run that 3 miles. Because you will get there.

Let me know where you are starting out!