Savasana Pose is one of the most challenging and most important poses. The word Savasana, in Sanskrit, means Corpse. So this in effect is Corpse Pose. I know, sounds a little graveyardy but bare with me. Essentially to get into this pose you lay flat on the ground or my favorite, in a hammock.

Sounds simple right, like I shouldn’t even be bothering to write this. You can lay flat on the ground easy peasy. I used to think the same thing. I would wait the whole yoga session to get to the laying down part. Laying down is the best, I love it. Savasana is still one of my most favorite poses. Somedays I go to yoga just to be able to do it, ¬†although it’s for very different reasons.

About Savasana Pose

The purpose of doing Savasana is about being present in the moment. In Savasana the yogi lets go of all of the stress of the day, clears their mind and focuses in on the self, rather than at the external. This is not the time to be thinking of the million loads of laundry waiting for you or to be planning dinner. That can all wait, Savasana is your time, it’s your time to focus on you.

Getting into Savasana takes little to no physical effort, unless your doing it in a hammock in which it takes more effort but is absolutely worth it. Yet it is a very challenging pose. My own natural restlessness was magnified the first couple times I attempted to get into Savasana Pose. I will admit I often ended Savasana early. Big mistake.

Why Savasana Pose

Because of my natural state of being generally fidgety, which is rooted in my anxiety, I needed Savasana as much as any other pose. The hardest thing to do is often the thing that we need to do the most. Really getting into Savasana for the first time was like discovering a part of my brain that I did not know was there. Sometimes, Savasana Pose has brought me to tears, lets be honest, letting go can sometimes be really hard. Other times, Savasana Pose has unlocked my creative side, some of my best ideas have come from lying totally still.

Once I learned to let myself get totally into Savasana, I knew that I felt great and I was curious about what others felt. What I found was amazing. The benefits of Savasana pose are astounding. These benefits include relieving stress and mild depression, reductions in headaches, insomnia and fatigue. I can attest to the insomnia relief, I myself have nearly fallen asleep in Savasana a few times. Other benefits include lowering your blood pressure, your heart rate and resting your heart muscle. This is done through the act of deep, conscious breathing. Deep breathing allows your body to relax, works your lung muscles easing the pressure on your heart.

Getting into Savasana Pose

savasana example

Be patient with it.

Savasana takes time, it is nearly impossible to just lay on a ground and immediately clear your head. If you can do that, I bow down to you, that’s amazing.

I on the other hand, take a bit longer. The first step is to get into a comfortable lying down position, legs straight out or bent at the knee, arms at your side or folded across your chest, however you are most comfortable. Once you are comfortable began focusing on your breath, that conscious breathing from earlier. Breathing in through your nose slowly, observe your chest and abdomen rising. Exhale. Let the air out through your mouth, this can be silent or you can make the “ha” sound. Do what feels right. ¬†Somedays there is extra to let out and the noise will feel right. Continue this breathing throughout the pose. Your body will begin to feel like it is sinking into the ground or into the hammock, let it.

It may help to play some relaxation music, which can easily be found on free streaming services like Pandora. If essential oils are your jam, bust them out. The general rule is for every 30 minutes of yoga there should be 5 mins of relaxation. If it feels right to stay in Savasana longer, do it.

Coming out of the pose should be a slow process. After all, we just relaxed all of our muscles. Began by wiggling your fingers and toes. Then stretch your arms and legs out, waking them back up. Roll to one side or the other and slowly raise yourself into a seated position, head up, hands to heart center.


Be sure to comment below with your experiences in Savasana Pose, I would love to hear them!