Meditation has become vital for me.

Recently, I was traveling for work. It was a quick, one day turn around trip. It included two flights on one of those little regional airplanes. I do not like little regional airplanes. There never seems like there is enough room on them and the air seems get sucked out immediately after landing. This feeling is 100% anxiety inducing for me and on this particular trip, it hit.

Stop. Drop. Meditate.

Once our plane landed, immediately I started to feel as though I was not getting enough air. The guy next to me was for sure hogging all of it, I knew it. My anxiety started to talk to me, telling me I had to get off that plane. It started trying to get me to do crazy things, like screaming and running. The kinds of things that will get you thrown in airport jail. I am jail adverse so I stopped and thought, okay Megan, you’re feeling anxious what helps when you feel this way?


I closed by eyes, began my conscious breathing, in through my nose slowly and out through my mouth. I began to visualize that there was plenty of cold air on the plane, plenty of space. Feeling my lungs fill with air reminded me that I was, in fact getting enough air. Before I knew it my boots no longer felt like they were suffocating me and I was getting off of that damn plane.

Why You Should Start Meditating Today

Meditation Lowers Stress

Studies show that mediation has a significant effect on lowering the levels of anxiety in those with anxiety disorders. The same studies also show that regular mediation has a lasting effect on on the levels and severity of stress people experience. Mediation will help you learn to control your emotions, learn to regulate the stress in your life. From experience, anxiety can often leave you feeling powerless, regular meditation can help you take that power back. Remind you, that you in fact are in control.

Meditation Increases Happiness

People who meditate experience increased level of positive emotions, like happiness, in regular life events. Further, evidence shows that people who practice regular meditation feel immediately happier and that it positively effects their long term wellbeing. Meditation has a lasting positive effect on how people approach their lives and their feelings about others. Regular meditation is more important than the length of the meditation. Research suggests that people who incorporate meditation into their lives at least 3 times a week are more likely to see an increase in happiness and a decrease in negative moods. If ten minutes, 3 times a week could make you happier, wouldn’t you do it?

Meditation Boosts Your Productivity

You know those days at work, when you feel like you have been working for hours but as it turns out it has only been 7 minutes? Or when you leave after working a whole day feeling like you did nothing? Meditation can help reduce the paralyzing brain fog and sucks your productivity away. Meditation teaches you to tune out the distractions, to focus on one task at time. Learning to meditate will reduce your feelings of stress, allowing you to think more clearly. By learning to increase your focus and lowering your stress you will increase your productivity.

Meditation and Manifestation

Visualization in meditation is a powerful tool. When meditating, visualizing yourself on a white sand beach with a tropical drink in hand or on the top of your favorite mountain, can have a hugely relaxing effect on the body. That same concept can easily be applied to your goals. Think the law of attraction, what you think about, what you put out into the universe will manifest itself in your life. If you visualize positive feelings like gratitude and happiness, you will be happier and more grateful.  You have the power to create those emotions in your life.

Meditation and Physical Health

As previously mentioned, regular meditation leads to increased feelings off happiness. Positive emotions like happiness also help in protecting the body against illness. Studies show that our immune systems respond better when we are happy. Pretty simple right? Happy people are more likely to make better decisions regarding their eating and drinking habits, are more likely to engage in physical activity and are more attune their bodies, increasing their ability to be aware of illness. People who are happy make better decisions about their health and meditation is a research proven way to increase your happiness, both in the short and long term.

So, what are you waiting for?