Meditation: Five reasons you should start today

Meditation has become vital for me.

Recently, I was traveling for work. It was a quick, one day turn around trip. It included two flights on one of those little regional airplanes. I do not like little regional airplanes. There never seems like there is enough room on them and the air seems get sucked out immediately after landing. This feeling is 100% anxiety inducing for me and on this particular trip, it hit.

Stop. Drop. Meditate.

Once our plane landed, immediately I started to feel as though I was not getting enough air. The guy next to me was for sure hogging all of it, I knew it. My anxiety started to talk to me, telling me I had to get off that plane. It started trying to get me to do crazy things, like screaming and running. The kinds of things that will get you thrown in airport jail. I am jail adverse so I stopped and thought, okay Megan, you’re feeling anxious what helps when you feel this way?


I closed by eyes, began my conscious breathing, in through my nose slowly and out through my mouth. I began to visualize that there was plenty of cold air on the plane, plenty of space. Feeling my lungs fill with air reminded me that I was, in fact getting enough air. Before I knew it my boots no longer felt like they were suffocating me and I was getting off of that damn plane.

Why You Should Start Meditating Today


My Five Favorite Yoga Poses and Why I Love Them

Anyone that does yoga knows that there are yoga poses you love and yoga poses you hate. I prefer to think positive so here are my favorites.

I took the long road to really discovering yoga.  Really discovering because I gave it a couple tries over the last couple years but it never stuck. The first time I ever did yoga, I went to a yoga class with my mom at the local community center, we went once. I remember feeling like all that breathing was going to make me faint and being bored. I wasn’t ready for yoga yet.

Fast forward a couple years. I started the P90x program and part of the program was yoga. I finished the P90x program and was able to see a real change in balance when doing the yoga, yet still yoga was the afterthought of the program.

Full discloser, I am a Beachbody Coach and I have only ever finished two programs. P90x as mentioned above, long before I became a coach and the 3 Week Yoga Retreat last October. It’s not because I don’t like the other programs I do, I just absolutely love yoga. While I was completing the 21 days of yoga, I found myself looking forward to yoga everyday. In 21 days, I was hooked. I now crave that place I go into when I am focused on my breathing and feeling myself go deeper in poses than before.

Eighteen days ago I challenged myself to 30 days of yoga. I chose 30 days because; one, a month of yoga sounded nice and two, research shows that it takes 66 days to form a new habit. So 30 days seemed like a good jumping off point.

Eighteen days in, these are my five favorite yoga poses and why I love them


Why You’re Fat and Depressed [Hint Exercise]


We have all been there right? Unable to fit in your jeans, feeling tired all the time and super stuck to your couch. Who even put superglue on the couch anyways? The worst part is that being productive and fitting in those damn jeans is all you want. There is a surefire way to make it happen: Exercise. I know, I know, easier said than done. But it can be done, I promise, I know this because I have been there.

Let’s talk about those excuses

I had a lot of excuses about why I couldn’t exercise and they were all bullshit. Here are a few of my top excuses.

First, and this is my very favorite, I try to pull it out of woodwork every now and then still; I don’t have time to exercise. I would tell myself that as soon as I finish a goal or the weather is better I will start exercising. Did it ever happen? Nope. That’s because it wasn’t real, I was not somehow magically going to be less busy. It took me years to figure out life is busy, the summer breaks of endless days and nights we all enjoyed in school are the thing of the past. Adulthood is busy, it just is.

Second excuse, is another doozy and a total trap; I don’t have enough money to exercise.  What does that even mean? I had myself convinced that I NEEDED a fancy gym membership and the best workout clothes because how could I possibly workout any other way? While there are certain things I would recommend spending money on when it comes to exercise, you DO NOT  need a lot of money to get fit.