Meet Megan

In 2013, I realized that I was unhappy, unhealthy and lost. I spent the following years learning ways to make myself happy and have become healthier and more confident in the process. I found the woman that I was always meant to be, the woman that I had been ignoring all those years.

My Background

In 2013, I was preparing to graduate grad school with my MSW and finishing one of the biggest goals of my adult life to date. I was also totally miserable. Weird right? I should be happy. I was graduating as a member of an honor society, I had made great friends and forged lasting professional relationships. Sounds wonderful, I know. It wasn’t. I wasn’t happy. I lost myself along the way.

While I was busy working full-time, working in an internship for 16 hours a week, spending every Saturday in class and spending countless hours writing and studying; I totally forgot to take care of myself. It was crazy. I was studying a profession that puts self-care on a pedestal, it is built into any good Social Work program. But I put myself last, loosing touch with myself while chasing my goals. I was striving for a perfection that did not actually exist.

And it left me absolutely miserable.


I stopped doing the things that brought me joy, that nourished my soul.

All of my meals could have been bought at the local gas station, I stopped sleeping almost completely and the most exercise I got was the steps I took on the way to class or work.

So in 2013, after seeing a picture of myself at graduation, I knew it was time for a dramatic change. In that picture I saw myself clearly for the first time in years and I knew it was time for a radical change. With no idea where to start I dove in. I really started explore what makes adult me happy, to listen to the woman inside me that had been suffocated for all those years. I started to let her out little by little. Connecting with her in ways I forgot existed. That’s where the magic happened, where deep happiness lived.

You see, it wasn’t in fancy letters after my name or anything else outside of me; that real happiness I craved, the kind that can survive any bad day, could only be found inside myself.

Why the Blog?

Girl, I know, this adulting thing is not easy, but don’t worry I have your back.

Here you will find tips for using physical activity to make yourself happier and healthier. You will learn about choosing happy through self-love, you will learn skills to help you overcome anxiety and depression, and practicing positive self-talk. You will find posts about using essential oils in your healing journey, get tips for over-coming barriers to achieving your goals and tips for self-empowerment.

What can you get from this blog?

I bet your asking yourself why you should put any stock into what I have to say, right?

Two reasons, first and I think most importantly, girl, I have been there. There are posts about depression and anxiety because I have experienced both. This blog explores physical activity strategies because I have learned that I feel better when I am active. I share about personal development because I am a learner by nature, I am a nerd who is always seeking. As a helper, I believe that information is power, simply, as people, we do better when we know better.

Secondly, I have spent all of my adult life learning the tricks of the trade.  As a trained Social Worker I have learned that our thoughts have the power to change our lives, that our brain is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal. Understanding the connection between thoughts, behaviors and feelings has helped me live a happier life and it will help you too.

What makes me happy?

I am an unapologetic dog mom, my dogs are my babies and they fill me with gratitude everyday. Any night with a glass of red wine and good book is my most favorite thing. I am a lover of all things dessert, some people might call me a dessert snob, baking is one of my most enjoyable mindfulness activities.

What’s next?

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