Why Every Girl Needs A Girl Tribe


girl tribe


Being a girl can be rough, no one gives you a handbook at birth in exchange for your email address. For some of us,  even more challenging than being a girl, is learning to have friendships with other girls. Luckily, the Universe gives you other girls to help you out.

Recently, my niece went on a college tour to the east coast. Basically she living the life that I wanted to live when I was her age. She worked her ass off to get there and I could not be prouder of her. Just writing it nearly brings me to tears. Who I am kidding I am crying right now, it’s fine. She went to big schools and small schools; she took pictures in the wonder that is Princeton and the University of Pennsylvania. One of the small schools she visited was one that has been reaching out her to due to her being badass softball chick. The school had so much history, it was an all girl’s school until just a few years ago and has a small tight nit student body, and she fell in love.

I thought, I wish that I knew when I was 18 how important it is to be connected to other women. To have a tribe of action taking badass women. I didn’t though, I was little miss independent for as long as I could remember. It filled me with joy when people called me independent, I thought I can do this all by myself, I got this.

Going it Alone

Connecting with other women had always been a challenge, I used to tell people that girls did not like me, I was not a “girls girl”. And I was totally okay with it. Except I wasn’t, not even a little. Deep inside me I knew I was missing out on something, that there was something special about girlfriends.

So I spent the majority of my 20’s trying to go it alone, not totally alone I had my very best friend for life, but let’s be frank. I could kind of be a lot to handle back then, it was a multi-person job. But I had no idea how to even approach connecting with women. My own insecurities got the best of me, I was confident that all of the women had their shit together, that they mastered this whole grown ass women thing. That I was the only one out here without a map, lost.