Savasana Pose: What it is and Why it is important

Savasana Pose is one of the most challenging and most important poses. The word Savasana, in Sanskrit, means Corpse. So this in effect is Corpse Pose. I know, sounds a little graveyardy but bare with me. Essentially to get into this pose you lay flat on the ground or my favorite, in a hammock.

Sounds simple right, like I shouldn’t even be bothering to write this. You can lay flat on the ground easy peasy. I used to think the same thing. I would wait the whole yoga session to get to the laying down part. Laying down is the best, I love it. Savasana is still one of my most favorite poses. Somedays I go to yoga just to be able to do it, ¬†although it’s for very different reasons.

About Savasana Pose

The purpose of doing Savasana is about being present in the moment. In Savasana the yogi lets go of all of the stress of the day, clears their mind and focuses in on the self, rather than at the external. This is not the time to be thinking of the million loads of laundry waiting for you or to be planning dinner. That can all wait, Savasana is your time, it’s your time to focus on you.

Getting into Savasana takes little to no physical effort, unless your doing it in a hammock in which it takes more effort but is absolutely worth it. Yet it is a very challenging pose. My own natural restlessness was magnified the first couple times I attempted to get into Savasana Pose. I will admit I often ended Savasana early. Big mistake.


Meditation: Five reasons you should start today

Meditation has become vital for me.

Recently, I was traveling for work. It was a quick, one day turn around trip. It included two flights on one of those little regional airplanes. I do not like little regional airplanes. There never seems like there is enough room on them and the air seems get sucked out immediately after landing. This feeling is 100% anxiety inducing for me and on this particular trip, it hit.

Stop. Drop. Meditate.

Once our plane landed, immediately I started to feel as though I was not getting enough air. The guy next to me was for sure hogging all of it, I knew it. My anxiety started to talk to me, telling me I had to get off that plane. It started trying to get me to do crazy things, like screaming and running. The kinds of things that will get you thrown in airport jail. I am jail adverse so I stopped and thought, okay Megan, you’re feeling anxious what helps when you feel this way?


I closed by eyes, began my conscious breathing, in through my nose slowly and out through my mouth. I began to visualize that there was plenty of cold air on the plane, plenty of space. Feeling my lungs fill with air reminded me that I was, in fact getting enough air. Before I knew it my boots no longer felt like they were suffocating me and I was getting off of that damn plane.

Why You Should Start Meditating Today